Fractured Fractals, Legendary Backpacks, and Ascended Salvage Kits

This week’s big Heart of Thorns news reveal is all about the Fractals of the Mists. As they are now, Fractals of the Mists are an instanced 5-person group challenge that features four ‘islands’ or mini sections from a different point in Tyrian history and geography. Coming with HoT will be some changes to how Fractals of the Mists are set up to encourage more players to try them and do them regularly while also providing even more challenges for experienced players. Before getting into what’s new and changed, one important note from the blog post is that this isĀ not the “challenging group content” discussed during the Heart of Thorns reveal at PAX South, that information is still ahead of us.


Changes to Fractals of the Mists

  • One ‘island’ per run from a static, scheduled list (instead of random)
  • Lower scale difficulties will be adjusted to make them more approachable
  • A new maximum difficulty level of 100
  • 50+ difficulty level Fractals will have health, damage output, and other stats increased on mobs
  • Mistlock Instabilities
    • Older ones will be updated or even removed to make way for new ones
    • Example: The “Conditions turn into boons on enemies” instability will be replaced with “Prevents projectile blocking”
    • Higher difficulty levels will have multiple instabilities

Rewards and Achievements

  • New, separate Fractals tab in the Achievements tab
  • Fractals will have their own Dailys set of achievements
    • Separate from PvE, PvP and WvW
    • Separated by difficulty ranges
    • Rewards include fractal weapon skins, ascended equipment, infused rings, etc
  • Fractal Encryptions
    • Located in the chest at the end of a Fractal run
    • Loot includes Mini Professor Mew, ascended aquabreather recipes, crafting materials, etc
    • Tradeable!
  • Fractal Weapon Skins
    • New collection + reward for completing the collection
    • Once you’ve gotten to difficulty level 50, the merchant golem in the Observatory will sell you weapon crates, allowing you to choose the skin you want
    • 50+ difficulty will reward you with materials needed to make a new set of Fractal Weapon Skins via the Mystic Forge


Legendary Backpacks and Ascended Salvaging

  • Backpacks
    • Crafted by tailors, leatherworkers, and armorsmiths
    • Start with a simple backpack and work up to an account-bound precursor
  • Ascended Salvaging
    • Merchant golem in the Observatory will sell ascended salvage kits
    • Allows you to salvage ascended items
    • Salvaging gives you a new item to be used in creating Legendaries in HoT


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