Guild Wars Players News #34: Flying Noodles

Since Drac is going to Gen Con this weekend, we recorded a day earlier than usual. Unfortunately this means a bit less news to talk about, so this episode is all about those Mini Mystic Dragons, aka the flying noodles.

Game News

Guild Wars Players News


Toxic Alliance and Molten Alliance

  • Alliances forged by Scarlet Briar to further her schemes to find and attack ley lines
  • Molten Alliance
    • Flame Legion charr and Dredge
    • Scarlet allied them so that she could use their combined magic and technological abilities
    • Flame legion planned to use Dredge for their tech and then enslave them
    • You can still fight the Molten Alliance in the Fractals of the Mists
  • Toxic Alliance
    • Nightmare Court and Krait
    • Created a huge tower in Kessex Hills with a plant seed growing in it
    • Gave off a powerful toxin, so no one could get through for ages until Marjory Delaqua created an antitoxin
    • You can still see the remains of the tower in Kessex Hills and the trace remnants of the toxin create hallucinations

What did you do this week in-game?

  • Cithryth – World Completion!, Gift of Mastery; Vinewrath forever; Tried a condi/longbow build that was posted to Tumblr on my warrior and WOW do I burn things
  • Draculetta – Some Winterdays In July In GW1. Patched and Crashed GW2
  • Ethelros – Silverwastes stuff, Guardian to 30


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  1. I’m glad people find different things entertaining in the game. Lore hounds like me just have a wiki.

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