Weekly Outfit – Mini Janey, asura elementalist

This week’s outfit is courtesy of Romo who sent in their asura elementalist, Mini Janey.

Hey guys!
I’m a new listener. Started a few episodes back :3
I heard about a Weekly Outfit segment you guys have, so I figured I’d share my favorite character.
Hope you guys like her 😀
She’s small, fast and deadly.

Armor Used:

Reading Glasses
Shoulder Scarf (Can’t be seen, but keeps her warm when her chestpiece breaks)
Savant Coat (T3)
Luminescent Gloves
Embroided Pants
Adept Boots
Light of Dwayna
Rime-Rimmed Mariner’s Rebreather (For glowy hair underwater)

Weapon Used:

Super Staff
Chaos Trident

Dyes Used:

Shadow Abyss
Royal Blue
s1 s3 s5 s2 Dyes

Every week we want to feature a cosmetic creation from the community here at Guild Wars Players! If you think your character is particularly snazzy looking, send us your screenshots to contact@guildwarsplayers.com

Make sure to include your character’s name, race, profession and what armors and dyes are used.

Here are some helpful tips:

  • The “Print Screen” button takes screenshots by default and they get saved to My Documents > Guild Wars 2 > Screens
  • CTRL + SHIFT + H hides all UI elements, making for clutter-free screenshots!
  • Make sure you get a screenshot with good lighting – screenshots in the dark (unless you’re showing off glow effects) can be very hard to see.
  • A screenshot of your dye panel might be very handy if you’re using a wide range of dyes!

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