Even More HoT Mastery Details

Today over at IGN, some more details about Masteries have come out. Though, technically I suppose the details are available to anyone playing the demos of HoT at GamesCom this week. There will be seven Mastery lines released with Heart of Thorns however ArenaNet plans to add more Masteries in the future. Additionally, they’ve said that to fully unlock all seven Mastery lines completely will take about the same amount of time it takes to level a character from 1 to 80. The Mastery lines are divided into two groups – the Central Tyria Masteries are acquirable in current zones while the Heart of the Maguuma Masteries are located in the new HoT zones.

Central Tyria

  • Fractal Attunement – new dailies, infusions, buff-items, challenge modes
  • Legendary Precursor Crafting – pretty self explanatory
  • Pact Commander – Mentoring new players, gives you a special icon over your head/in-chat, revive allies faster, auto-loot, speed boosts in cities

Heart of the Maguuma

  • Gliding – invisible gliding, faster gliding
  • Itzel Lore
  • Nuhoch Lore
  • Exalted Lore

Oh and one more juicy tidbit? There will be three new Legendary weapons released with HoT.


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