Points of Interest – Pact Commander Mastery Line

Over the weekend the team at Guild Wars 2 put out another Points of Interest, even with many staff being away at Gamescom. This episode deals specifically with one of the new Masteries lines revealed by IGN this week: the Pact Commander line. Below are some key points about each of the individual tiers from the Mastery line as well as the full Points of Interest #28.

General Points

  • The idea of this Mastery line isn’t necessarily to ‘reward’ people for mentoring newer players but rather to provide tools to people interested in helping other players
  • All bonuses are account-wide
  • Points to unlock Masteries are given a variety of ways, one includes completing story instances for Living Story Season 2
    • If you have already completed all of S2 by the time HoT comes out, these points will be auto-given to you

Pact Mentor

  • Get an icon over your character(s), chat status, and +5% run speed boost for you and your group in the capitol cities of Tyria
  • Icon will work similar to how commander tags work, you’ll be able to toggle them on/off
  • Even if you don’t have your tag toggled on, you will get the run speed boost
  • Run speed boost does not stack with other speed boosts

Productive Downtime

  • You get bonus crafting XP
  • Will apparently be “very nice” for precursor crafting

Supply Line Management

  • Gain access to special Pact merchants that move around Tyria, +15% run speed boost
  • Items from merchant¬†might be purchased with karma, still unsure
  • Sells old rarer recipes, new recipes, and everything they sell is tradable
    • New Melandru-themed back item recipe

Noblesse Oblige

  • Decreases your revive time for allies based on how much lower level they are from you
    • Fellow lvl 80 characters will be about 10% faster to revive
    • Lower level characters can be as much as 50% faster to revive
  • Also takes away stacks of downed penalty and armor damage

Advanced Logistics

  • Receive loot instantly when you kill an enemy (no longer have to press F), +33% run speed boost
  • Instantly loot even if you’re dead
  • “Why isn’t this given to everyone?”
    • They were worried it would make botting too easy if they just make it a new function of the game, so instead they make it a reward for those who actually play the game and participate in the content


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