Smokescales: The Difference Between Good Mechanics and Being OP



I’ve read many people complimenting ANet on finally making difficult content and I mostly agree, but there’s one glaring issue people are praising instead of pointing out. Granted smokescales are difficult to fight, which can be a good thing, but is not in this particular case. 90% of the time the smokescale is untouchable, but can still do serious damage to players. Even when fighting a single one, this can happen…



If there’s more than one, it’s practically impossible to survive the constant barrage of damage and not being able to fight back. Here’s what needs to be changed; less health so when they can be fought, they can be taken down sooner, or allow them to be hit more than only 10% of the time. People, there’s plenty of other enemies ANet got right in the beta, like the stoneheads, raptors and mordrem; this is not one of them.


What do you guys think, am I wrong, do you completely agree or are you somewhere in the middle?


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