World Tournament Series: Cologne – Congrats to the Abjured!

Over the weekend at Gamescom the World Tournament Series featuring Orange Logo (EU), The Civilized Gentlemen (EU), the Abjured (NA), and GLHF (China) took place. It was an intense tournament featuring some amazing back-and-forth between the teams involved. The last World Tournament in Boston ended with Orange Logo as the victors. This time around though the Abjured took home the Pride trophy. The first matchup between Orange Logo and the Abjured was, personally, some of the most intense gameplay I’ve ever seen in a game!

Below you can see a¬†highlight reel of the nearly 8 hour long tournament. If you’re crazy about PvP like I am, you can see the entire tournament as a recording on the Guild Wars 2 Twitch channel, here.

Congratulations to the Abjured for their great fighting.

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