A Look into Tyria: Southsun Cove


Hot springs with a karka view.

Southsun Cove is an island, considered to be a part of Kryta, though it is in the Sea of Sorrows and closer to the Tarnished Coast. The island also appears to have once been underwater, as some of the flora and fauna look to have deep sea origins; ship wrecks in high up areas also seem to indicate this fact. Even with its tropical climate, vegetation cannot grow in some of the more barren, heat ridden areas. Heat produced by lava near the surface warms the ground, creating crystal clear hot springs and large air vents near Southsun’s center.


Note: A recent update allows one using a karka tonic to jump.

Native creatures unique to Southsun Cove are the reef rider,drake and skelk and of course the karka. The karka themselves are not particularly native to the area, but relocated after being driven from the ocean’s depths by the deep sea dragon. The karka grow in various stages; eggs, hatchlings, young, adult and ancient. Eggs are laid by adult karka and possibly ancient karka as well, upon hatching, the newly born karka stay in groups until reaching an age of self sustainability.


Nesting and ship wrecks.

Young karka lack the thickened outer shell that adults have, but can defend themselves by spitting webs at anything they believe hostile. Karka get larger and more powerful as they age, the oldest and strongest female of the species takes over as queen and leads all other karka in her domain; it is unknown of they can die of old age. Zommoros, the djinn of the Mystic Toilet Forge, claims that karka are an extremely ancient race, when the continents had different shapes and that they have dealt with the elder dragons in the past; which gave them the knowledge of avoid Orr when fleeing the deep sea dragon.


The fossilized remains of the Ancient Karka.

It’s now 1328, over 2 and a half years since the karka attack on Lion’s Arch. Dead whales washed ashore and warning signs set up by an unknown group called the Consortium marked what was to later come and devastate the city. After nonstop back-and-forth battle against the karka, they were driven out of LA and back to Southsun Cove; the Captain’s Council decreed to kill the problem at its source and prevent any further catastrophes. The Ancient Karka, likely the queen at the time and had lead the attack on the city, was sought out and eventually terminated.

Looks like a place I'd want to vacation.

Looks like a place I’d want to vacation.

Many lives were lost luring her to their main hive, where the thin layer of rock collapsed, causing her to sink into the lava and die. It would later be discovered the Consortium had founded the island and were scoping it out to see if it was worthy of being a vacation destination; unintentionally upsetting the karka. In their attempt to flee, many died and the survivors ended up in Lion’s Arch, where the karka eventually tracked them down.

There would later be a second incident involving the Consortium and Southsun Cove. After residence displaced by the Molten Alliance were searching for a new places to live and work, the Consortium offered them both on the hostile island. The karka were once again became agitated, this time by a former member of the company, a sylvari by the name of Canach. Many of the workers wanted to quit and return to their now safe homes, but the contracts they signed prevented them from doing so. A series of events lead to the eventual capture of Canach and the destruction of all the workers contracts. The island is still relatively in control of the wildlife, though the Consortium have committed to making it a hot tourist spot.

Thank you for reading, I plan on making this a bi/tri-weekly series, where I pick a spot in Tyria and talk about it. Information will include history, events, npc, enemies, etc.

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  1. This is a great idea for a series! I didn’t know much about Southsun Cove but this gave some great backstory to the area.


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