Herald – Revenant Elite Specialization

Yesterday MassivelyOP released an article announcing the elite specialization for the revenant: the Herald. Today ArenaNet posted their own blog post about the specialization as well. This new specialization will give revenants access to the shield as an off-hand weapon as well as Glint as another legend to invoke. The goal behind this specialization and legend is to provide support and boons to you and your allies as well as some personal defense.


Shield Skills

  • Envoy of Exuberance – Send the energy of Glint toward the target area, granting protection to allies. The energy will burst, healing allies, and then return to you, granting protection on the way back. Ground targeted.
  • Crystal Hibernation – Channel a shield from the Mists to protect you and regenerate health. You take no damage from attacks, and conditions cannot be applied to you. Gives you a defiance bar.


  • The six facets of Glint originated in Guild Wars 1.
  • Each utility skill has an upkeep cost and a second skill that you press to finish the upkeep and end boons. The final skill is quite potent.
  • Facet of Elements – Grant nearby allies swiftness every few seconds.
    • Elemental Blast – Consume Facet of Elementals to have magical dragon breath cover the area. Ground targeted, applies negative conditions to foes.
  • Facet of Chaos (Elite skill) – Grant nearby allies protection every few seconds.
    • Chaotic Release – Consume Facet of Chaos to damage and knock back foes while granting super speed to allies.


  • Facet of Nature – Pulse Naturalistic Resonance every few seconds to nearby allies, increasing their outgoing boon duration.
    • Available to use and channel regardless of which legend you are invoking.
    • Increases outgoing boon duration by 50%
    • One With Nature – Consume Facet of Nature to unify with the other facets, granting allies the boons the facets provide.


Underwater Combat

  • Spears
    • Spear of Anguish (Auto-attack Part 1)- Throw a spear from the Mists toward your foe. Inflict increasing duration of torment the farther away your foe is from you.
    • Rapid Assault (Auto-attack Part 2) – Rapidly strike foes in front of you, inflicting vulnerability.
    • Venomous Sphere – Launch a sphere outward from the Mists. The sphere will attack nearby foes as it travels, poisoning them.
      • Frigid Discharge – Detonate the sphere, damaging and chilling foes when it explodes.
    • Rift Containment – Create two rifts, one above and one below your target. After a short delay, these rifts will create a barrier from the Mists that prevents foes from crossing it.

On top of all this information, MassivelyOP also had an interview session with Roy Cronacher about the revenant and the elite specialization.

Massively Overpowered: We haven’t had our hands on Glint for testing just yet. What kind of playstyles have came up in your internal testing? I’m imagining front line combat support is the most obvious use, but what other applications have you came up with?

Roy Cronacher, Guild Wars 2 game designer: You imagine correctly! Glint can be very good as a front line support and as a utility legend. While it’s good front line, it can also be equally good for back line support by using hammer and buffing up the damage of your ranged damage dealers while having the utility to control the area if enemies happen to come near. For example, you can be providing allies with protection from the skill Facet of Chaos, dampening ranged attacks made against your allies, then when foes get close you can activate the skill Chaotic Release to knock back enemies, creating more distance for your team. It’s designed to mix very well with many of the other available legends for the Revenant. It has some options to support both a condition playstyle as well as physical on top of the support aspects.

The Crystal Hibernation ability seems exceptionally powerful, and you mentioned that there’d be a high risk involved. Can you elaborate on that and perhaps give us an idea of the proposed usage, duration, and cooldown of the ability?

Cronacher: The Crystal Hibernation ability does indeed have trade-offs. It is a defiance bar skill for the player, similar to what you’ve seen monsters have (such as the Wyvern). Once the break bar is depleted with control skills, the protective shell will burst, which will stun the player for two seconds and leave him or her with 25 stacks of vulnerability for those two seconds, so you risk being left in this super vulnerable state. The ability doesn’t remove conditions, so if you wait too long to use it, it’s possible to be downed while it is active for ticking conditions. While it can be used to immune key attacks, recover some health, or give yourself enough time for some skills to recharge it definitely can be punishing if used incorrectly. You cannot move while the skill is active, either, so you are kind of a sitting duck for when it ends.


I’m delighted to see you refer back to the facets of Glint from the original Guild Wars. Do these abilities synergize well in specific pairings or combinations if so can you give us an example of that?

Cronacher: Yes, we have brought all six facets into this elite specialization. It just happened to line up to the number of skills we needed, and we thought it was an interesting tie in to Glint from Guild Wars for the Dragon’s Lair mission.  On the right half of your bar we have all facets, except nature. These all pulse out boons to nearby allies at the cost of upkeep, then they have an active skill which can be used to consume the facet for a burst effect setting it on recharge. Facet of Nature ties in all the other facets as its pulsing effect provides players with increased boon duration which helps bolster the boons provided from the other facets. The active part of Facet of Nature is One with Nature, which grants a burst of all the boons from every other facet to nearby allies.

The Revenant will have some very interesting underwater attacks, and I’m excited for the physical and condition damage flipping and the inclusion of both a long and short range auto attack. Will we see further improvements to underwater combat across the board?

Cronacher: For the harpoon on the Revenant, we’re trying something a bit different, as you can see that there are two auto-attack skills with no recharge. This means that you can choose to fight at range or melee or mix them up depending on the situation. The aim was to appeal to both physical- and condition-damage playstyles and allow for interesting hybrid builds. As for other professions underwater, the elite specs profession mechanic changes will be made useable underwater. Just like we’ve done since launch, we’ll continue to release balance and bug fixing updates to the game to improve combat, including underwater.

With so many upkeep abilities that drain energy and cooldowns, Glint’s playstyle sounds as if it might have specific phases of higher damage and then energy conservation. Is this the case?

Cronacher: Somewhat; there definitely will be windows of downtime for different skills as this legend is setup differently from the others in the profession. The facets will cost upkeep to keep active; this will be the primary support from the legend. The active skills that consume the facets are much more offensive and control-based. The active portions of the skills do not cost energy currently, but they do set it and its corresponding facet on a longer recharge. Generally we have kept recharge low, but these skills are a bit longer, closer to what you’d see on a normal profession. This is because they create a tradeoff of getting this powerful effect but shutting out your ability to use that facet. It creates different decision points for a player such as whether to keep the support going or trade that support for a skill to help in the immediate moment. Another example would be how many facets the player wants to keep active at the cost of limiting other skill use and whether to use the active skill to gain back some of that upkeep or just reaching zero energy to reset all the facets.

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