Berserker – Warrior Elite Specialization

Yesterday released the information on the warrior’s elite specialization in Heart of Thorns: the Berserker! Today ArenaNet also posted their own blog post detailing the specialization. A berserker will be able to wield an off-hand torch. After building up enough adrenaline, they can enter berserk mode which changes some mechanics for the once-warrior.


Berserk Mode

  • Adrenaline bar goes from 3 tiers to just one tier
  • Gives access to “primal” versions of the burst skills usually available with the adrenaline bar, with much lower cool downs
  • Scorched Earth (longbow primal burst skill) – Instead of firing an arcing shot that leaves a large area of fire, this longbow burst attack leaves a trail of fire on the ground in a straight line. The area covered is much larger overall but must be aimed properly to gain the benefit.
  • Skull Grinder (mace primal burst skill) – While Skull Crack is a simple attack focused on disabling foes, the primal version, Skull Grinder, is instead focused on applying conditions. While it still disrupts (for a shorter duration), it also inflicts multiple conditions on your target.


Torch Skills

  • Blaze Breaker – Slam your torch into the ground and create a cascade of rock and flame that travels toward your target, crippling and burning any foe in the way.
  • Flames of War – Light yourself ablaze, burning off conditions and creating a fire field around you that follows you and burns enemies caught inside it. When the field expires, it explodes, dealing damage and applying more burning to foes around you.

Rage Utility Skills

  • Similar to the Physical utility skills but they provide additional adrenaline when used.
  • Wild Blow – Launches any foe it hits back a large distance with such force that your foe’s own body becomes a projectile that can hit other enemies, knocking them back in turn.



  • Traits fall into three categories
    • Provides berserk mode benefits
    • Augments burning and condition damage
    • Adds healing and stun-break options

As someone who has recently fallen in love with a condition damage, burning-centric warrior build, I am super excited for the Berserker specialization!

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