An Update To the Site and Podcast

After much deliberation and discussion, Draculetta, Ethelros, and myself have decided to step down from running Guild Wars Players and hosting the Guild Wars Players News podcast. This was a difficult decision to come to since we have really enjoyed reading everyone’s posts and discussing Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2 with everyone on the site. However we are interested in trying some other creative ventures so this seemed to be the best decision for everyone.

The site will definitely not be shutting down! We still want to provide a place for our contributors to continue making their great stuff. If you’re interested in taking up the mantle of Lead Director of the site or as main host of the podcast, feel free to contact us at

For the three of us, our last episode of GWPN will air live this Thursday at 6:30PM EDT as usual. Come join us in the chat for some reminiscing.


  1. Alicia J /

    Oh, dear…I’ll miss listening to you three. I will be there in the chat Thursday!

  2. Aw, this is so out of the blue, I can’t believe you all will be leaving. I hope your endeavors take you to where you wish to go.

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