The Story of Annon: Missing Part 2


Chapter 2: Missing

Part 2: The Search

Marx and Arista were able to backtrack to the Zephyrites before dusk, as they were not slowed by Annon and her golem, though the sun was already starting to set. The merchants looked weary, with all they’ve been through over the last couple years, who wouldn’t be. First it was the Aetherblades, then a crazed sylvari, now it’s Inquest scurrying about and trying to salvage everything the Zephyrites lost.

“Do you think they’ll ever get out of here?”, Arista asked under her breath, as to ensure no one else heard. “I have a better question,” Marx replied, “why are you whispering?” He said it loud enough to draw a few people’s attention. The female charr turned so red, you could see it through her fur; Marx got a good laugh out of that. “Aw, quit your blushing, doesn’t matter if they hear us.”, he waved at the onlookers and they returned to their business, “You can never be too certain about the future, but yes, one day.”

Arista was surprised by how sure he was, “How do you know, with their Master of Peace dead and their ships destroyed, where will they go?” He looked at her puzzlingly, “Anywhere they wish. Not all their ships were destroyed and some of their leaders still live, they will add new ones for those they have lost. Whether they choose to return to they sky is up to them, but enough about them, we have rodent to catch.”

The two charr made their way to a merchant that was closing down for the day; not that he was hard to find, there were few Zephyrites selling anything anymore. The man didn’t notice them until two hulking shadows passed over him. He turned around and nearly jumped out of his sandals; after realizing it was his customers from the previous day he calmed down, “I’m sorry, you never now what kind of things can sneak on you these days.” “Of course”, replied Marx. The Zephyrite continued, ” Is there something I can help you with? Were the supplies I gave you inadequate? Where is your young companion and her machine?”

“That’s what we’re here to ask you”, Arista jumped in. Marx snarled at her, not liking the interruption, he took over assertively, “The girl and her golem took off last night with some supplies. You’re the only merchant she talked to without us nearby and you sold her some wares, what did she tell you?!” The Zephyrite got worried again, he started to sweat and twiddled his fingers around. “Sir,” Arista intervened, “why don’t you let me handle this, I believe you’re scaring the man.” They stared each other down, eventually, Marx grunted and skulked to a nearby well for water.

Arista returned her attention to the merchant, “I’m sorry about him, he’s just angry the girl took off on his watch. We need to know where she went.” “I see, well, she did mention something about heading southeast. Sadly, that’s all I can recall, she didn’t say anything specific.” The charr nodded her head, “Thank you very much, that will have to do.” Marx was still growling to himself when Arista walked up to him, “He said Annon mentioned heading southeast and knowing backwards asuran logic, she probably meant it. So, I think…” “She’s going northwest”, Marx interrupted her.

She grunted, also not liking being interrupted either, “And just how do you know that?” “It makes sense,” he began to explain, “the girl thinks she can outsmart us, so she intentionally tells a merchant where she’s going, causing us to think she’s playing a trick and really is going the direction she says. Plus, she wanted to get closer to the action, she’d only get that working her way further into the Maguuma Jungle.” “Sir, this is very confusing”, Arista said scratching her head, trying to make sense of it. “Doesn’t matter if you do, it’s where she’s headed. Grab the gear and let’s get moving; we have a missing asura to catch.”

I’m done changing the title, this is the name of the series now, I swear by my ears; my glorious asuran ears. =~=



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