Mx plays Elite Specializations – Reaper p.1 [PvE]

Hello everyone!

Since Heart of Thorns came out, I have spent most of in-game time playing my Reaper (Necromancer elite spec.). To be honest, I have never been the biggest fan of the necromancer profession, however I have always loved the idea behind the profession itself. With the elite specialization of the necromancer, I finally feel like the developers have improved the necromancer, how it feels when being played and managed to add those things that were missing!

As far as the PvE combat goes, I have had great fun with the Reaper, especially in the new maps! Personally, I have kept my Berserker equipment on and have managed to play through the story as well as most of the jungle without much hassle. As far as traits go, I have found myself most comfortable on Spite, mainly for the might and vulnerability stacking, Blood Magic, for the life siphoning as well as the increased movement speed while wielding a dagger and last but definitely not least the Reaper trait line!

As for weapons, I tend to switch between Staff, Dagger | Warhorn and Greatsword. Sadly, I have not found many situations, in the jungle or open world content in general, for which the Greatsword would prove its usefulness. The attacks are a lot slower and with the increased movement speed while using a Dagger, I would rather keep the Dagger and switch the Greatsword for a Staff in situations where range combat is needed. As far as runes go, I would definitely suggest the Superior Rune of Strength, since being able to self-sustain so much might over a long period of time without having to pre-buff can really prove its use!

As I have not had the time to play through all elite specializations, I can not really compare the Reaper to every other elite spec, but hopefully, I will be able to catch up on that soon. Additionally, I will start hopping back into PvP and WvW and test out several build ideas and their effectiveness in actual fights!

I am really looking forward to sharing the upcoming builds with you guys as well as my opinions on the other elite specializations and as for always, you are more than welcome to ask / suggest away in the comment section below 🙂

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