The Chak: What are they and are they related to the Karka?

As a zoologist I, Meltak – Head of the ANN krewe, have performed observations on various species throughout Tyria, including the karka. Now, I set my sights on a new, equally petrifying creature. The chak are a crab like species located deep in the Maguuma jungle, with several variations in characteristics and combat capabilities. Some have feelers and a dozen eyes, while others can produce electrical fields and so on. These vicious and horrifying creatures, don’t appear to be native to region, like most other races and species here and the physical similarities with the karka cannot be denied. Both species are crustaceous in nature, with hard outer shells and lay eggs in nests, not to mention their shared homicidal tendencies. Could it somehow be possible they share a common ancestor?


Of course, it’s a massive assertion to make, claiming two species from different areas of the world may be related somehow. Allow me to hypothesize. One of the most glaring questions is, why are the chak so different than karka? The answer to this is relatively a simple one, you see, if these were once karka, they’ve been living keep in the jungle for many generations and have evolved. While it’s unknown as to how long they’ve existed in the region, observation and several uncovered recordings show the chak feed on magical, ley line energy. This energy has given some chak various powers, like the formerly mentioned electrical shielding. No doubt the consumption on this energy throughout several generation has allowed the chak to evolve past their karka brethren.


Now, the big question, how did they end up deep into the Maguuma jungle? I have several theories for this, but one sticks out above the rest. From gathered information on the karka, they existed during the previous rising of the elder dragons; when elder dragon’s awake many environmental changes occur on a global scale. It is highly possible that the water levels rose, providing better access to where the Maguuma jungle is currently located. Even if the waters didn’t significantly rise, there are dozens of ancient underwater cave systems the fleeing karka may have used. Once the waters receded, some karka could have been left behind and set up a new home along the ley line in this region, feeding off it’s energy. After thousands of years of magical evolution, we now have the chak.

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