Mx plays Elite Specializations – Reaper p.2 [PvP / WvW]

Hello everyone!

Since my part 1 about the new necromancer elite specialization, I have finally found more time to hop into PvP and WvW. Although I have to say that there still isn’t a huge build diversity in terms of effectiveness, the builds I have come up with and tried so far were really fun and very effective (as far as my experience goes)!

First of all, a quick thanks to Metabattle for giving me a nice kickstart into PvP by providing decent builds, making it possible to jump straight in without having to theory craft for hours straight up. However, I can only recommend testing and tweaking the provided builds to whatever you think suits your personal preference and play style and remember:
There is no “best” build for each and every scenario of the game, there is only “best AT”.

Personally, I prefer power-type builds over condition damage builds, so I have tried setting up a similar build to what is called “Strength Soldier” and I have to say, I am more than impressed with how effective necromancers have become with the new elite specialization.
As for traits, I went for Spite, Soul Reaping and Reaper, with a Staff and Axe | Warhorn (Warhorn can be switched out for a Focus for better boon stripping, or a Dagger for more condition cleanse). Since we are taking traits for higher critical chance while in Shroud, we can focus on more tanky stats for the amulet (as long as we don’t sacrifice the main Power stat). With the traits “Death Perception” and “Decimate Defenses”, we can easily get above 75% critical chance while in shroud! A lot of times, I find myself getting enemies instantly downed with one “Executioner’s Scythe” into “Soul Spiral”.

The build I am currently using looks a little bit like this. The utility skills are mostly personal preference, since I’m not focusing on signets. However, if you like playing signets, I would totally recommend taking the trait “Signets of Suffering” and three to four signets in the utility bar!

Let me know your experience with the reaper in PvP and what you have been using in the comment section below and as always, questions are more than welcome! 🙂

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