My experience with PvP-Leagues!

Hello everyone!

A few days the new PvP-Leagues were released and yes, I was really excited for it!
For me, as a main PvP player, this was probably the one thing that I was looking forward the most. Sadly, I did not have too much spare time since they were released but from what I have seen so far, I am not too disappointed. Of course it might be a little difficult to start off and get out of the first few tiers but once you get rolling you should be getting matched with people of similar skill level and enjoy some nice matches 🙂

Another change that favors the PvP players is the rewards introduced with the league system.
Now, playing does not feel like a total waste of time anymore so – fair play aNet!

You will be hearing more regularly from us soon, so stay tuned – and not to forget, Good luck in climbing the league-ladder 😉


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