Wintersday 2015


Coo, quaggan loves sitting by warm fire.

It’s that time of year again, it’s snowing (outside of Hoelbrak), everyone is merry and Tixx and Toxx have returned to give presents to all the good little boys and girls. It’s Wintersday! All of the beloved mini-games and prizes are back, along with some new additions.

Returning, is the Infinirarium, where you can help Toymaster Tixx get his toys under control. There’s also the Winter Wonderland jumping puzzle, Snowball Mayhem and the Bell Choir. Grawnk is back and stealing Wintersday ornaments from orphans again and it’s your job to stop him. Newly added are some new Wintersday based items, like the Winter’s Presence back piece and craftable decorations for your guild halls. There are also new achievements, like Donation Drive, where you run around DR and hand out gifts to the orphans of the city.


For some reason, it seems Wintersday is only being held in Divinity’s Reach this year. Why, I don’t know, though I have to say not decorating the new Lion’s Arch just seems lazy.

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