Player Spotlight: Prevenant Lincoln


We’re going to start highlighting players’ characters once again. Much like Cithryth’s ‘Weekly Outfit’, Player Spotlight, will cover a player’s character and their outfit. The only real difference is this will not be done weekly, but rather ranging from a week to a month, depending on how often we receive submissions. Our very first player spotlight is Prevenant Lincoln, whom I first saw in the Wintersday JP and I knew then he had to be the first of this new series. A norn that looked like a muscular Abraham Lincoln, top hat an all. I asked him why he decided to create this character and what the backstory was. Here’s what he had to say:

“Well, I made the character because I fell in love with the revenant during the beta events. So, I started to think about the fun things I could name my soon to be revenant. I started brainstorming. I decided to come up with a pun for the name, because I wanted people to laugh when they saw the name and thus Prevenant was born. Then I took the name and based it around the look of my character around it, so as to make an all encompassing theme and costume. Then, wa-la, I had my revenant.”


Lincoln_1           Lincoln_2



Helm – Top Hat

Shoulders – None

Chest – Rampart Warplate

Gloves – Rampart Gauntlets

Leggings – Heavy Plate Legguards

Boots – Rampart Warboots

Dyes – Shadow Abyss and Ox Blood

Weapon – Entropy

Backpiece – Fractal Capacitor

Those interested in showing off one of their characters in Player Spotlight can send an email to Please be sure to include at least one screenshot, the character’s name, what they’re wearing and the dyes used. You may also include any backstory on your character and/or why you made them.

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