Top 5 Most Well-Liked Guild Wars 2 Characters



In Guild Wars 2, which race you pick, as well as the choices within each race’s story, determines what sort of relationship you forge with its various NPCs. Making new characters and varying the choices can cause us to get to know certain characters in different ways; either we can find more proof to hate those particular characters just find excuses to love them even more. In this list, we’ll be investigating the latter.

This is not an opinion piece as to the five best characters in the entire base game. These characters are the ones most often brought up as the best characters.


5. Marjory Delaqua

Kicking this off with a human, I’m going to dictate the fans’ favoritism towards her a bit of a surprise. One of the most amazing things about the favoritism is that it was fueled by something not usually encouraged in MMOs or video games in general: romance. Her relationship with Lady Kasmeer is strictly business until Kasmeer defeats Scarlett to avenge Marjory’s death and, upon finding out she’s alive, the two kiss. We didn’t have to see the beginning of their romantic partnership, but the reception to it was mostly positive. It didn’t hurt that the romance wasn’t forced either…although that’s an aspect usually reserved for heterosexual relationships.

Also, Marjory could definitely hold her own in a fight. It’s pretty much a rule among gamers that the incapable NPCs are by far the most annoying.


4. Lightbringer Tybalt Leftpaw

Tybalt is just about the “official” favorite. Even if you only make and play a few characters, you’ll likely join the Order of Whispers at least once. When you do, Tybalt is your partner. Because so many players encounter him, someone so charming definitely makes an impression. Playing alongside Tybalt makes you feel like you’re in a buddy cop movie: you, the Order of Whispers newbie who’s just trying to work your way up, and him, the seasoned, snarky veteran who wants to do good.

His death made a lot of the fans emotional, and it’s frustrating to know that it absolutely can’t be prevented. Left with no options but for one brave soul to basically commit suicide, he barely hesitates to step up, with the elusive line about doing good after failing to do so earlier in his life.


3. Magister Sieran

Inching out ahead of a couple other sylvari in terms of love from the fans, Sieran takes the coveted spot of number three. She’s also appropriately placed next to Tybalt, considering they make exactly the same sacrifice as their last act. For Sieran to be your mentor, you must join the Durmand Priory. Her class and race are enviable: a sylvari elementalist with a focus in water? Sign me up. She fights with a sense of discipline and duty, which combines with her conversational peppiness to create a charming character. Tybalt is amazing, but Sieran’s charisma and clear knowledge puts one at ease. When things go wrong, she’s definitely the NPC that would have the capability and cautiousness to get you out immediately.


2. Countess Anise

Occupying both a political and military position in Queen Jennah’s court, Anise. She’s like Padme from the Star Wars prequels, but doesn’t have the character range of a cardboard box. That seems reserved for Logan Thackeray at the moment; however much you may try to like Logan, he’s strangely forgettable even though as a human, you can’t possibly escape him.

You mostly see Anise’s skill and poise in social situations rather than on the battlefield, but among all of the energetic action and often tedious map completion, this can be a refreshing change.


1. Rytlock Brimstone

In most cases, when the question came up for the fans—“Who is your favorite character?”—Rytlock pulled ahead of the pack. A charr with a sometimes troubling bloodthirst, he definitely furthers the notion in MMOs that a capable NPC is a good NPC. With a history of faltering loyalty, Rytlock still aims to do good. He won’t hurt you if you merely get in his way, but he may lack the same self-control when you happen to run your mouth around him. Fortunately, that’s never an option for the player, and so you don’t have to bear the brunt of his bad side.

Because you never see him defect, or see him let his emotions take over in a way that’s detrimental to the mission, Rytlock can be an awesome partner without making you endure any annoying character traits. Therefore, it’s not much of a surprise to see the fans so often rally around him.

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