The Dream isn’t Real. The Wyld Hunt is a Lie.

It is now quite clear what I suspected about the sylvari to be true, with gathered knowledge from the jungle dragon and its minions, their whole point of being is a lie. Sylvari first appeared on Tyria in 1302 AE; there were only 12 at first, called the Firstborn by the second batch to emerge from the Pale Tree, thus named the Secondborn. The Tree itself was planted Ronan of the Shining Blade (human) and tended to by the centaur, Ventari over 250 years ago. As the tree grew, it learned from Ventari and his teachings. Though not all sylvari wanted to live peacefully under the Pale Tree and turned to Nightmare.

What has been shrouded in mystery, until now, is where the sylvari truly came from and why they couldn’t be corrupted by any of the dragons. As most Tyrians now know, they are the minions of the elder dragon Mordremoth. In the area of incorruptibility, research has come to show, corruption of one dragon cannot supersede another; meaning a minion of one dragon cannot be corrupted/controlled by another.

It has been discovered the Pale Tree’s Dream, is likely a pocket realm in the dragon’s mind. A lone bubble in a sea of chaos. It is unknown if sylvari turned to Nightmare are still protected by the Dream, as they appear to be less susceptible to corruption than the Soundless. The difference may be the Soundless cut themselves off from the Pale Tree, almost completely, while those of the Nightmare Court wish to end the ways of Ventari and to corrupt the Tree to Nightmare. There is no current way to determine if Nightmare and the Dream are separate or one in the.

Despite the fact the Dream is real and created by the Pale Tree, it is a total fallacy. As previously stated, the Dream is only a small part of Mordremoth’s realm, made to protect the sylvari from total corruption. All the Dream is is a distraction, a distraction to prevent wandering minds from discovering the true nature of the sylvari. Just take a look at the poor Scarlet Briar, a sweet and intelligent sylvari, who ventured too far from the Dream by exploring the Eternal Alchemy. The experience severed her from the Tree’s protection and Mordremoth slowly spread it’s influence, tricking her into making a proverbial alarm clock.

Yes, the Dream exists in a sense, but it is not what the Pale Tree made it out to be. It is just a flood barrier, keeping out the dark waters; no one knows if or when the barrier will give, drowning all sylvari in a torrent of corruption. The Dream is still part of the dragon, what would happen once Mordremoth is slain? The answer is unknown, though with given knowledge the risen are still shambling about, it is safe to say the sylvari will survive, Dream or no.

In the Dream, some sylvari receive a Wyld Hunt, an objective to strive towards once they join the waking world. Few of these Hunts are of colossal importance, such as Marshal Trahearne’s to cleanse Orr of Zhaitan’s corruption. It has also been reported that one sylvari saw the Shadow of the Dragon in their Wyld Hunt, believing at the time it meant for them to defeat Zhaitan; clearly their Hunt referred to Mordremoth instead.

There have also been reports of Mordremoth using Hunts given to sylvari to tempt them willingly into it’s service. With this information it can be construed Wyld Hunts and Dark Hunts (given by Nightmare) are possibly seeds of indoctrination implanted into sylvari at conception. Also, elder dragons have fought over magic and territory in the past based on ancient tomes. If this were the case, it would make sense for Trahearne to cleanse Orr and Zhaitan to be defeated, as it would add more magic back into the world, thus increasing Mordremoth’s power and territory.

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