Player Spotlight: Ordellya



It’s been some time, but we finally have another Player Spotlight submission. This time, we have the norn ranger, Ordellya, decked out in black and white. She is wearing the full Predatory set of armour, minus the helm, which is a second tier norn cultural set. Her weapon, a wolfborn longbow, is also part of the norn cultural weapons, matching her quite nicely. As for dyes, there is a combination of both black and celestial, completing the monochrome theme. She also has two pet ravens (one a mini), named Huginn and Muninn, based on old Norse mythology of the god, Odin.

Dark_Norn_3        Dark_Norn_1


Shoulders – Predatory

Chest – Predatory

Gloves – Predatory

Leggings – Predatory

Boots – Predatory

Dyes – Black and Celestial

Weapon – Wolfborn Longbow

Those interested in showing off one of their characters in Player Spotlight can send an email to Please be sure to include at least one screenshot, the character’s name, what they’re wearing and the dyes used. You may also include any backstory on your character and/or why you made them.




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